So last night I made a post, and it has drawn a little attention from somebody asking about what the whole thing was about. And you know what? I really want to answer that question in a great way.

There are a few real close friends of mine, who have dealt with so many things in their lives. And I’m not talking about anybody specifically, or any specific things. It’s just everything.

Everything that so many amazing friends of mine have had to go through in their life, and they’re still standing here strong. I have absolutely nothing but respect for these people, and they deserve nothing but it. The sort of personality these people have is better than anything, and I have so much respect.

We’ve all had to put up with shit in our lives in one way or another, who hasn’t? There isn’t a person reading this blog who has never faced really tough times in their lives. You’re all still standing strong. Real strong. Even if you don’t feel it, the fact that you are still fighting is the best sort of character statement you can show.

So while I sit here in my hotel suite, I have to think, for me, things are going pretty well right now. I’m sitting in a really nice hotel suite, sipping a drink, and doing what I love. It’s one of those luxuries in life. It’s one of those little moments that you sit there and just feel like, wow, I’m actually really happy right now. Everybody has these moments, no matter what they might be. It doesnt matter what it is, it’s just something you love. For me, that happens to be something of a rather annoyingly expensive taste, however it’s happening right now, and I’m really happy. But I need to pay respect to the people that aren’t feeling like this right now.

There are people out there that have dealt through heaps, and are maybe just finding themselves now. There are people who to this day are still being put through shit at home, and struggling with family. There are people who are just looking to be happy, and they deserve it more than anything. Because for all their issues, they are are an amazing person. No matter what. And you get what you put in, it’s so true.

So as I sit here sipping my drink, thinking about the fine moments in my life and still wondering why all these nice girls decide to stress themselves over the wankers and friend zone the really nice guys, I have to stop and think about them, and what they’ve gone through, what I’ve gone through, what everybody has gone through. Weather you consider somebody else’s issues insignificant or not, it doesnt matter, it’s all relative, so it’s the same to everybody, however you deserve nothing but respect for everything.

So when I said

I continue to think about what you told me and it makes me sooo angry that somebody could be like that.

I meant it in a very general and philosophical way. You might find my mind sometimes works like that in life. I thought about everything that everybody had ever told me, everything I’d helped people through, and I was really angry, that people could be the way they are, to put people through things that they do.

By Hamish Prior

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