Maybe the fact that there are so many complete wankers out there these days around so many awesome girls that they ruin their perception on men for the really nice guys.

It actually makes me really angry sometimes. I’m going to sound a bit full of myself here, but I need to give myself a little bit of credit. I’m a pretty nice guy. I try as hard as I possibly can to just not be a wanker to girls. I try really hard to actively be nice but sometimes it just seems like it gets you nowhere.

And I’m not the only person like that. Any guy who has the password to this blog, from what I can tell, is trying to do the same. But it’s still a very limited number of guys. Maybe Darcy, Jamie (part of access to this blog thing above), and like idk, connor josh, josh? From what I can think up on the top of my head, of my (in some of those cases) fairly limited knowledge of them, they seem like pretty nice guys, with clear intentions and not a load of social manipulation going on. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

And while I still like some of the other guys as friends, I’ll never be as good with them as I will be with some other guys. Because in the back of my mind what I know about the way they think and talk will always put me off.

Please just open your eyes women of my social scape, pick your self confidence and self  respect up out of the gutter and please, please, stop being played. It’s really killing me to watch.

By Hamish Prior

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